30+ years in sales, marketing, management.

Experience, curiosity, innovation, open mind, respect, ethic and a bit of fun.
Seriousness in relations with clients is not an option, is a must.

Sales and Marketing Manager on International markets in the field of devices for medical gases and vacuum supply in hospitals. Strong competition, technical knowledge, strict regulations. Negotiations with different cultures, having different approaches with European standards in medical field.

Planning and management of International Medical field Exhibitions in several Countries. One simple thing is to book an exhibition space. Another issue is the choice of the right exhibition, the identification of the right message (depending of the Country and the related kind of expected audience), the right choice of the booth set up company, the organization of the collateral events (meetings with clients, conferences, product demo's and presentation).

30 years in Motorsport as a driver just for fun first, than evolution in a real and serious job as a Team Manager in Endurance races. For me, one of the strongest and most formative experiences of management. High responsibility, a lot of input to be quickly elaborated, very short time to respond, never time for a 'normal' rest. Delay in action or in answer is not foreseen. Small Team Manager error means a disaster for the race result.


CMEF 2013-2014 exhibitions, Shenzen

Local partners to approach China

Arabhealth 2014, the main ME medical exhibition, Dubai.

Promoting medical products for 7 years with the Italian style.

Africa Health, Johannesburg

The main South African medical exhibition.

Teheran 2013 medical exhibition

Helping local partner presenting the products

Silverstone 2005 GT3 Championship

Motorsport team manager. Racing Box team

Le Mans 24 hours - 2014.

Always a lot to learn from the best teams...

Dubai - 2008

The desert and its beauties

Finland, Arctic Circle - 2015

Ice race with dogs. An interesting and different management experience.

Camino del Norte, Galizia, Finterre, Santiago - Spain 2016

1200 km on e-MTB. A wonderful, yet exhausting, lonely travel adventure.

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